Tuesday, September 27, 2005

[VBScript] "Watcher" - on the way to code profiling ... sort of

I've just implemented a new class, Watcher, which is giving me an idea of what routines in my stdFunctions.vbs are actually being used, and how frequently.

At present the class depends on some of the routines it would otherwise be watching so those routines can't refer to Watcher until such time as I make the class self-contained.

The class gets instantiated in the usual way right at the start of my stdFunctions.vbs file
and then at the beginning of each of the subs and functions in stdFunctions.vbs there is a reference to watch, e.g. When the class terminates the data is saved in Watcher.txt as lines of tab-delimited text, for example: and these are then read back in at the initialisation of class next runtime round.

If you find this useful please let me know. Code below.

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