Monday, December 19, 2005

[VBScript] Deriving user name from computer name

I found a brilliant bit of code for deriving the username from the computer name. It's found inside Matt Williams's "ManagePC v1.31" HTA. His description of the routine is as follows
This bit of code is "cheating" slightly in that all it's doing is getting the owner of the explorer.exe process. Seeing as explorer.exe only runs if a user is logged on it is a reliable (but sneaky) way of getting the logged-on user. It does, however, mean that even if a user is logged on locally or the account is a generic account, it will retrieve the correct values (WMI cannot do this).
-- Matthew Williams, ManagePC
Below is my routine, combining his code with some extra housekeeping. Of course, if no one is logged in, you get nothing. My own take on Matt's routine adds in a check to see if the computer is actually running, using ResolveIP() below:


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