Friday, March 16, 2007

[VBScript] Boost - changing process priority using WMI

I have little sh script on my iBook which changes the priority of a given process so that the OS services it more frequently, giving the impression of faster execution. Below is a re-implementation in VBScript of a similar tool for Windows. First a few constants and the arrays that handle the commandline options.
Next, the real meat of this tool: the Windows Management Interface (WMI) call which takes a string and a numeric defining the process name and the priority level.
Next a few less inspiring routines: IIF (available in VB but not in VBScript), ArrayOffset, and HelpText.
Finally the main routine, which uses Named and Unnamed Arguments to handle command line parameters. The name of the process is pulled out of the command line using an Unnamed Argument, and the text representation of the priority is pulled out using a Named Argument ("L"). If the priority is acceptable the name and priority are passed to the SetPriority routine.
A further refinement of this tool might be to provide for one other possibility for /L: 'KILL' or 'TERMINATE'. By way of comparison here's the original sh script.

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