Monday, November 26, 2007

[Ada (GNAT/GCC)] Better build automation

Just after I notified comp.lang.ada of my posting re GNAT/GPL, Martin Krischik wrote suggesting I use a .gpr file and gnat make rather than a direct reference to gcc.

After reading a
friendly manual, I came up with the following .grp file and a batch file to control it.

I have stayed with the batch file, simply because I can't yet see how to have a multiple-program linkage (gnatlink, dlltool and gnatlink a second time).

First, build.gpr

And then, build.bat. Note the call to
UPX, which compresses the release version of the .DLL. Note also that the debug and release subdirectories must already exist (though it wouldn't have been difficult to check-for-and-create-if-missing.)

Trust that's helpful.

© Copyright Bruce M. Axtens, 2007

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