Saturday, March 08, 2014

[TCL] Love that Tool Command Language

TCL is just so cool and concise …
cd CSV
set target "snap-[clock format [clock add [clock seconds] -1 hours] -format %Y-%m-%d-%H -gmt 1]"
if {![file exists $target.rar]} then {
    set cmd [list c:/program\ files/winrar/rar.exe m -m5 -s ${target}.rar ${target}-utc.csv]
        exec -- {*}$cmd
That goes to the log (called CSV) folder and compresses the previous hour’s worth of log. I run that from a scheduler.

I really like the conciseness of Tcl: clock add [clock seconds] -1 hours, which subtracts an hour from the current time and clock format which takes that and renders it as GMT.

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