Sunday, September 27, 2015

[VB6] Installation in Windows 10

I'm running Windows 10 Home, 64bit. We have legacy code that needs to be modified and recompiled. Folk who find such discussions unpalatable should read no further.

I found help for this process in two places:Forty Pound Head's
Install VB6 on Windows 8 and CodeProject's How to install Visual Studio 6 on Windows 7 professional 64bit

(There's another blurb at
SoftwareOK that I'm hanging on to just in case I meet any unforseen gotchas.)

In my case, the creation of the zero length file, MSJAVA.DLL, had to be done in C:\Windows\System32 rather than C:\Windows. I had put it in the latter and ended up with, for a while, the looping install scenario described by fortypoundhead.

The recommendation
Ensure Data access components is deselected. If it's not deselected, setup will hang!

— fortypoundhead

was interesting because the Enterprise installer asserted that the data access tools are required. However, I went with the recommendation as the thought of a hanging setup didn't appeal.

I turned off SourceSafe, FoxPro and InterDev as well. I opted to have environment vars stored in VCVARS32.BAT rather than have them registered: I feared mayhem might occur given the pre-existing Visual Studio Community 2013 and Community 2015 installs.

The install was very speedy.

The installer insisted on a reboot at the end. But before I said yes to that, I set the relevant Compatibility Settings for VB6.EXE as per fortypoundhead, started VB6.EXE, wrote a quick button on a form app, compiled it to EXE and then ran it from outside VB6. No problems at all!

Now I will have to run the various updaters and install some helper apps. But so far it looks like we could get another 17 years out of VB6.

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Sten2005 said...

Microsoft have stated the VB6 runtime will be supported on Windows 10 for the lifetime of Windows 10. That is currently until October 2025.

And the VB6 programming IDE installs and runs on Windows 10 too.

VB6 Programming said...

There is a utility to install the VB6 programming IDE on Windows 7, 8 and 10 at...