Wednesday, October 07, 2015

[Euphoria] Decimal to Binary

Having solved the Binary Digits task in mLite and FBSL, I thought I'd have a go in OpenEuphoria. Kudos to David Craig of Rapid Deployment Software for the original implementation and to the subsequent team of heroes for a very powerful Windows/Linux/Mac programming (interpreted and/or compiled) language.

The code below, expressed in v4.1.0 form, follows the FBSL fairly closely.
include std/math.e 
include std/convert.e

function Bin(integer n, sequence s = "")
  if n > 0 then
   return Bin(floor(n/2),(mod(n,2) + #30) & s)
  end if
  if length(s) = 0 then
   return to_integer("0")
  end if
  return to_integer(s)
end function

printf(1, "%d\n", Bin(0))
printf(1, "%d\n", Bin(5))
printf(1, "%d\n", Bin(50))
printf(1, "%d\n", Bin(9000))
There's already an Euphoria solution to the task. Some enterprising soul might want to check which of the two solutions is the faster.

© Copyright Bruce M. Axtens, 2015

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