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[tbas] Chinese Year of the ...

The author of tbas, Antonio Maschio, loves DATA and READ statements, and after putting together a Chinese Zodiac submission for RosettaCode, I can see why. And then there's TAB() which is also very helpful.

DATA "甲","乙","丙","丁","戊","己","庚","辛","壬","癸"
 DECLARE celestial$(10)
 MAT READ celestial$
 DATA "子","丑","寅","卯","辰","巳","午","未","申","酉","戌","亥"
 DECLARE terrestrial$(12)
 MAT READ terrestrial$
 DATA "Rat","Ox","Tiger","Rabbit","Dragon","Snake","Horse","Goat","Monkey","Rooster","Dog","Pig"
 DECLARE animals$(12)
 MAT READ animals$
        DATA "Wood","Fire","Earth","Metal","Water"
 DECLARE elements$(5)
 MAT READ elements$
 DATA "yang","yin"
 DECLARE aspects$(2)
 MAT READ aspects$
 DATA "jiă","yĭ","bĭng","dīng","wù","jĭ","gēng","xīn","rén","gŭi"
 DATA "zĭ","chŏu","yín","măo","chén","sì","wŭ","wèi","shēn","yŏu","xū","hài"
 DECLARE celestialpinyin$(UBOUND(celestial$(),1))
 DECLARE terrestrialpinyin$(UBOUND(terrestrial$(),1))
 MAT READ celestialpinyin$
 MAT READ terrestrialpinyin$
 DATA 1935,1938,1931,1961,1963,1991,1993,1996,2001
 DECLARE years(9)
 MAT READ years
 DECLARE _base = 4  
 DECLARE _year 
 DECLARE cycleyear 
 DECLARE stemnumber 
 DECLARE stemhan$    
 DECLARE stempinyin$ 
 DECLARE elementnumber 
 DECLARE element$       
 DECLARE branchnumber 
 DECLARE branchhan$    
 DECLARE branchpinyin$ 
 DECLARE animal$       
 DECLARE aspectnumber 
 DECLARE aspect$       
 DECLARE index 
 DECLARE top = UBOUND(years(),1)
 FOR i = 1 TO top
  _year = years(i)
  cycleyear = _year - _base
  stemnumber = MOD(cycleyear, 10) 
  stemhan$    = celestial$(stemnumber + 1)
  stempinyin$ = celestialpinyin$(stemnumber + 1)
  elementnumber = div(stemnumber, 2) + 1
  element$       = elements$(elementnumber)
  branchnumber = MOD(cycleyear, 12)  
  branchhan$    = terrestrial$(branchnumber + 1)
  branchpinyin$ = terrestrialpinyin$(branchnumber + 1)
  animal$       = animals$(branchnumber + 1)
  aspectnumber = MOD(cycleyear, 2)
  aspect$       = aspects$(aspectnumber + 1)
  index = MOD(cycleyear, 60) + 1  
  PRINT _year; 
  PRINT TAB(5);stemhan$+branchhan$;
  PRINT TAB(12);stempinyin$;"-";branchpinyin$;
  PRINT TAB(25);element$;" ";animal$;" ("+aspect$+")";
  PRINT TAB(50);"year";index;"of the cycle"  
Running the program gives
$ tbas chinZod.bas
 1935 乙亥 yĭ-hài     Wood Pig (yin)           year 12 of the cycle
 1938 戊寅 wù-yín     Earth Tiger (yang)       year 15 of the cycle
 1931 辛未 xīn-wèi    Metal Goat (yin)         year 8 of the cycle
 1961 辛丑 xīn-chŏu   Metal Ox (yin)           year 38 of the cycle
 1963 癸卯 gŭi-măo    Water Rabbit (yin)       year 40 of the cycle
 1991 辛未 xīn-wèi    Metal Goat (yin)         year 8 of the cycle
 1993 癸酉 gŭi-yŏu    Water Rooster (yin)      year 10 of the cycle
 1996 丙子 bĭng-zĭ    Fire Rat (yang)          year 13 of the cycle
 2001 辛巳 xīn-sì     Metal Snake (yin)        year 18 of the cycle
© Copyright Bruce M. Axtens, 2018

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