Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[VBScript] StandardLibrary.zip

For those interested, who haven't been able to download it recently, here's the latest iteration of StandardLibrary.vbs. Now it's called stdlib.vbs and can be obtained from my boost account at the Perth Linux Users Group.

There have been a few changes, mostly additional functions and the odd tweak in favour of better functionality.

Significant in the additions are a few functions for sending emails: Blat, BlatAttachment, ErrorEmail, ErrorEmailApp, RedemptionSend and ThunderbirdSend. If I remember correctly, ErrorEmail has been around for a while, but is included here for completeness sake.

A while back Derek Parnell wrote a replacement for
Euphoria's print function which would show the structure of arrays. ShowStructure and a support routine AsString make this available to the VBScript programmer. By the way, in case you haven't heard, Euphoria is now open-source!

The output, then, from code such as this:
would be
which maybe leads on toward data serialisation ...

There've been some additions to the file handling space, with the addition of routines to read and write unicode files (ReadFileU, WriteFileU, ReadFirstLineU and its ANSI equivalent, ReadFirstLine.)

Logging has been worked on. It's something I'm unlikely to be totally happy with, but there's now a SetLog and a ClearLog as well as the standard Log (and, given the possibility of confusion with the logarithm system, maybe I should change it to Trace (oh man, how many scripts that would break!))

What else? Well, BuildTree builds a directory tree. FirstLineOf returns the first vbNewLine-delimited line from a string (useful where you've used ReadFile or ReadFileU to inhale an entire file.) LastLineOf does what FirstLineOf does but for the end of the file, and NthLineOf gets you the ... nth ... line.

I've actually forgotten what I wrote UpToAndAfter for, but it's included anyway.

IsOnLine uses the ResolveIP function with the IP address (which points somewhere on linux.org) to see if you are still on line.

SetPriority uses the same code as used in BOOST to set process priority.

StrInArray finds a string in an array of strings, with optional case sensitivity.

StringMap scans a string for the presence of items in one array and swaps them for the equivalently indexed elements in the second array. If the second array is a string, they get swapped for that string.

Doze wraps WSCript.Sleep and HTASleep, so that it can be used in .VBS files and .HTA files.

ModalThing2 shows a modal dialog (only works in .HTA files)

And, finally, SoundMessage:

Obviously, if you see something that needs to be fixed, fix it. And tell me to fix it so that it can be fixed in the distribution and your name can be added to the list of contributors.

© Copyright Bruce M. Axtens, 2008


Kevin said...

Adding multiple attachments does not work. Here is updated code:
If UBOUND(aAttachments) > 0 Then
sAttach = "attachment='"
For Each sAttItem in aAttachments
If sAttItem <> "" Then
sAttItem = Replace(sAttItem, "\", "/" )
sAttach = sAttach & "file:///" & sAttItem & ","
End If
If Right( sAttach, 1 ) = "," Then
sAttach = Left( sAttach, Len( sAttach ) - 1 )
sAttach = sAttach & "'"
End If
End If

Bruce M. Axtens said...

Thanks, Kevin, much appreciated.