Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[Visual BASIC 6] BOOST (v3)

BOOST got another look-in recently. I had been using it exclusively to do "realtime" and "kill". This particular time I tried to do an "abovenormal" -- instead it did a "kill".

In the process of finding and fixing that bug, I replaced the Collection mechanism with the augmented Collection supplied by the "Class Builder" add-in.

The source code is essentially the same as before but with a few changes. First the SysVars and Var classes. (The comments are predominantly those supplied by the add-in.)

First, SysVars.cls:

Next, Vars.cls (it's tiny but it could hold so much more):

Now the main module. The first thing that is different here, is that nLevel is now a Long. Integer doesn't handle the ABOVENORMAL_PRIORITY value without complaint.

Next change is removing the reference to Collection, changing it to SysVars and setting up the values.

The benefit of using SysVars and that approach to the Collection object is that we now have an .Exists method, so we now have a tidier way of setting nLevel and trapping invalid settings thereof.

All the other routines are as before.

I haven't gotten around to extending this tool to do stuff to remote computers. It's not hard; killing a process on another machine means another value for sComputer in KillProcess, and, of course, the relevant privilege level.

© Copyright Bruce M. Axtens, 2008

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