Monday, December 03, 2007

[Ada (GNAT/GCC)] VARPTR, GNAT and data "transput"

Okay, have got it figured (soli Deo gloria!)

The following listings demonstrate the passing of a two part Type containing two Singles from VB6 into a GNAT/GCC DLL. Once inside, the elements of the Type are swapped and control returns to VB6. VB6 then displays the results.

As before, the code has been worked out in the context of the afore-posted api project. If you want to play with this, just take the earlier work and tweak it appropriately.

First up, the additions to

Next, the additions to api.adb:

API.DEF must also be modified, adding swapsingles to the list of EXPORTS.

Next, some VB code to demonstrate ...

... and part of a sample output.

The project that all this was part of was done in both GNAT/GCC and ObjectAda 7.2.2. Interestingly, ObjectAda's Float is equivalent to VB6's Double, whereas GNAT/GCC's Float is equivalent to VB6's Single. Does anyone know why?

By the way, regarding "transput", Wikipedia's article on
Algol states:
ALGOL 60 as officially defined had no I/O facilities; implementations defined their own in ways that were rarely compatible with each other. In contrast, ALGOL 68 offered an extensive library of transput (ALGOL 68 parlance for Input/Output) facilities.
A extensive library of transput facilities is something you'll find in Protium, too.

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