Monday, December 24, 2007

[FORTRAN] Making a DLL for VB6

As a break from trying to figure out how to get a pattern matching library DLLified (and UTF-32 sensitive), my boss gave me something else to do, something on the one hand similar (wrap something in a DLL) and on the other quite different (wrap two knapsack algorithms done in Fortran 90).

The knapsack code is derived from
Algorithm 4.9, Donald Kreher and Douglas Stinson, Combinatorial Algorithms, CRC Press, 1999, page 125.
and was downloaded from FORTRAN Source Codes, specifically, the COMBO library. Many thanks to John Burkardt for making this resources available.

The files used from the COMBO library were knapsack_01.f90, knapsack_rational.f90, knapsack_reorder.f90, rvec_backtrack.f90 and r_swap.f90, and were compiled using Compaq Visual Fortran.

Seeing as CVF is no longer available (except perhaps on eBay) you might get away with the
Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows, SilverFrost's FTN95 or g95.

Don't try it with
Watcom Fortran, however, because that only does Fortran 77. Mind you, if the algorithms you're wrapping are F77 ones from NIST's 'Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures' or Steven Skiena's The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository you may do okay with the Watcom offering or even GNU's g77.

I really like Fortran. I remember writing some VAX-11 FORTRAN back in 1983 (along with a bit more VAX-11 COBOL) and found it quite powerful and expressive. I know that there's been a fairly widespread pooh-pooh-ing of Fortran in recent years, but I try not to be influenced by peer-group pressure, preferring to actually see for myself whether a language is any good or not.

Okay, off the soap box and down to the code. I'm not going to bother posting all the COMBO code, just what I wrote to wrap it.

These are the three exposed routines and have essentially the same framework: a subroutine header, two declarations controlling symbol names and method of access, the call to the COMBO routine, the return and the end of subroutine. Really, really, simple. Gobsmackingly simple, compared to some other languages I could mention. Rather embarrasing really ... so little to show.

If you're wondering why I explicitly state that the parameters are being passed by reference (!dec$ attributes reference ...), it's because a side effect of specifying "stdcall" is that it forces the passing mechanism into pass-by-value, and in this case, quite a few of the parameters are being modified by the subroutine.

The other routines are linked in during the compile and I end up with a nice little .DLL.

Okay, so maybe there's something more to show on the VB6 side.

First off, the declares. VB6 defaults to pass-by-reference, thus the missing "ByRef" ahead of each parameter.

Next the test code which is derived from TEST094 and TEST095 found inside COMBO's combo_prb.f90.

Do note that the floating point variables are defined here as Single. This seems to be the best match to an undecorated Fortran REAL. Maybe if I'd tweaked the COMBO code to REAL*8, I could have used Double on the VB6 side.

Hmm ... nothing much amazing there either. But that's how it was with wrapping the Fortran. Simple and powerful at the same time. So far as I'm concerned, if we ever have to rewrite Protium, Fortran's going to be very near the top of the list.

© Copyright Bruce M. Axtens., 2007

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