Friday, October 07, 2005

[EOC] End of Contract

I've got one more week and then I'm unemployed again.

I feel down. I wish there was something "cutting edge" I could do. Everything I can think of is diametrically opposed to the cutting edge, being either the blunt bit at the back of the knife or the even blunter bit on top of the chisel handle.

Who cares about MetaCard? Who cares about S*BOL but a few diehard fanatics (who are mostly older and greyer than me)? Who cares about Clipper or xHarbour but a few South Americans into retro memorabilia? As for VBScript, this is just one of thousands of websites and I'm a relative newcomer to a tool that's been around for very long time.

Eventually I'll have posted all my MoonRock BASIC, Fitted Software Tools Modula-2, Turbo Pascal 5 and Euphoria code. Whooptie do. Even if I finish my CCNA, learn Haskell, and write Kiwi CatTools equivalents ... who cares?

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Anonymous said...

Any updates on your job situation?