Saturday, October 15, 2005

[MetaCard] Starter Kit script size limit, Part 2

And if anyone was curious what happened to the MetaCard script size issue, Ken Ray said,
>I've been told, via the MetaCard list, that you have a technique for
>getting around the script size limit in MetaCard. If that's so, please
>can you tell me whence I can download the whitepaper about it.

Sorry to disappoint you, Bruce, but I don't. In fact, given that DreamCard is only $99, it seems counterproductive to attempt to get around the script size limits when you can pick up a full development environment very inexpensively.
and Geoff Canyon said
I don't recall that I wrote anything in particular. I did write an exporter for the documentation for earlier versions of Revolution, and they had a small section on dealing with the script limits in the starter kit. The basic point is to understand how to write tight code. You can insert scripts in front and back, and "start using" stacks, and use nested groups to your advantage. You can also store scripts in custom properties and use the "do" command on them.

If you ask on the mailing list, there are several people there who spent significant time working within the script limits who can probably help you with any specific issues. I bought a license early on so I don't have much practical experience.

Finally, if you're concerned about whether Rev is a good fit for what you want to do, ask on the list. People will tell you the truth. There are (many) things Rev is very good for, and (almost as many) things it isn't well suited for.
>I'm told that, sometime late last century, you wrote
>something about side-stepping the script size limit in
>the MetaCard unregistered version.
So the upshot of all this is: spend some money and stop complaining.

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